Friday, January 21, 2011

It Is Here!

My design product from Bisous arrived the other day! I am stoked. I have already completed two layouts, and two cards. This weekend I hope to get a photo frame altered. I am excited, and nervous at the same time. I know a lot of people I scrap with are afraid to use their product because they think it is too hard to use. What I love about it, is that the embellishing, and collageing and layering is started for you, if not completed! I will post some teasers from what I have gotten accomplished this weekend. I promise.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Check it off the Bucket List!

So, there are a few things on my bucket list to accomplish. A while back it was to be published. That has happened. I also wanted to be on a design team. That has happened. Last year I got a mention on the My Mind's Eye blog, and on Thursday, I was asked to be the guest designer for the months of March and April for the company Bisous!!!!
I am so honored, and excited, and flattered, and nervous at the same time. It is a big job, and something that I will need to find time to do now that I have returned to work, but there was not a chance in the world that I was going to say no to this! I have always been a fan of their stuff, but to be expected to use it in a way to inspire others is something I am not used to.... I will take any advice!
I will post teasers as I go along! My product has shipped as of Friday, so early next week I should be scrapping!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

exciting news... that I can't fully divulge yet

So.... I have exciting news. More exciting than being published. But I can't say yet. I think I can give a hint, but that is it....
I got asked to be a guest designer!
I will give you more info when I know more info!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Random Resolutions

So it is that time again to make resolutions. I made one last year with regard to scrapbooking, and it was to use up my stash. I did well. I have gotten into the habit of searching through what I have first, and then go to the new stuff. I am happy to say that I have spent considerably less on supplies this year. Partly because my LSS closed, and partly because I was being a lot more responsible.

So this year, it is time to make new resolutions, and I already have a few in mind:

1.  I clearly need to get organized. In every area of my life. I need to have meals planned so we can come home and eat, my laundry done so kids outfits can be picked easily each night, and my office functional so I can lesson plan at home....

2. I need to drink better wine. Catherine and I are going to start our own little wine club. So far we are the only ones we know to include in it. All of our other friends either don't drink wine, or drink the crap with bubbles in it....
3. I need to stop letting people charge things on my credit card. I have purchased some things for myself and others, and have yet to be paid for it. It really only adds up to less than $200, but it is still money that would be nice...... Unfortunately, I sell Epicure, and this means I have to place orders online. This isn't the only area where I am still owed money however, and I hate asking for it, so I am just not going to offer anymore.....

4. I am going to eat more vegetables. I have already lost 11 pounds since October, and it is because I have increased the amount of vegetables that no longer go bad in my fridge, and go straight into my stomach....

5. I am going to be a better blogger. I didn't do a great job on it this year... and I resolve to do better next year.
6. I am going to continue to use my scrapbook stash.... I love that I have gotten into the habit, and just need to continue that way.

7. I recently bought a new Pentax K7. I love it... love love love. I want to learn everything about it. I have not done that with cameras in the past, and I have learned what I needed to know, but this camera has SO many kick ass features that I want to know them all.
8. I am going to be funnier. I am already pretty hilarious... but I think I could be funnier.... I could also work on modesty, but I couldn't find any images for that.
9. I need to commit to spending more time with my girlfriends. I don't know how I will fit it in with my new job, and Grant working away... but I know I need it to maintain my sanity.. and prolong the life of my kids.....

10. I am going to be a better wife. I know I make Grant feel guilty about farming, and working away, and missing out on certain things. I know I drop the ball whenever he is home, and let him parent, and deal with the dog, and meals... and I am going to do my share every day.... not just when he is gone to work.

Happy MMXI! I hope you have a great year planned! Apparently I do.