Friday, February 26, 2010

Whoa.... where have I been?

Good question. I don't know. I do know I have been plopped in front of the TV for the last week watching the Olympics. And can I just say how proud I am to be a Canadian? And a Canadian female at that???
The girls are kicking some serious butt! I love it.
I have also been dealing with sickies on every front. The kids have both been sick, I have a wicked head cold, and Grant has succumbed to the flu. The good news? I am leaving in less than an hour to scrap the weekend away with some very dear friends. I kind of feel a little teensy bit bad and guilty about leaving a not completely healthy Grant with two not completely healthy kids, but... only a little. I deal all the time when he is gone... so. (Is that awful???)
Anyhoo, I hope to have a ton of things to show off when I get back. A ton!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I might need an intervention

An Olympic intervention that is. I don't remember watching the 2006 Olympics with this much dedication. I do remember watching the 2002 ones like a fanatic, but that is because there was a three week long teacher strike during my final teaching practicum... and I had nothing else to do...
But this year... I am loving it! I switch back and forth between the three Canadian coverage channels, as well as NBC so as not to miss a single second of anything important.
I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to my 10 Randoms... so I am going to do my 10 favorite moments of the 2010 Olympics... thus far.

1. During the opening ceremonies the snowboarder rode down the mountain, and he slid down the mountain through a red glowing maple leaf. I got shivers.

2. Our first ever gold medal. Is there ANYTHING better than your national anthem sung in your own country for your winning athlete? No... there isn't.3. Our second gold medal. As good as the first. I even shed a tear last night....

4. Our undefeated mens curling team. I just like to look at John Morris. He is adorable... even if he does look like Brian... he is adorable.

5. Iginla's hat trick during the opening game of the men's hockey. He rocks... and should have been on the first line all along.... Gawd... should I coach hockey?

6. Johnny Weir. I don't think he is an amazing skater... but he is good for a laugh.7. Men's Halfpipe. When I was younger, I skiied. A lot. I loved to be on the hill... but I was never brave enough to go fast... or even conquer a teeny tiny jump... so when I watch halfpipe snowboarding, I live vicariously through them. And I love their pants. But seriously? Who has their own halfpipe? Shawn White.... that's who.
8. I love a good short track speed skating race. Love it. Again... if I wasn't such a chicken I would speed skate. That... and if I could skate.

9. Stephen Colbert and his IceHoles attack. I love the Colbert Report. And I also love knowing that the Americans don't support their athletes any better than we do. Why else would the speed skaters need a private sponsorship from Colbert?10. That they aren't even half over yet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who knew I could make a Tutu??

All of the girls in Avery's ballet class have princessy ballet skirts. She always drops hints that she "sure wishes she could have a nice ballet dress..." So, on our way home from Rimbey this past weekend, I stopped in at Fabricland, picked up some elastic, tulle and crinoline, and whipped this up last night while watching The Bachelor.
When I started tying it together, I was worried that it wouldn't be pouffy enough... Now I am worried that she won't be able to sit in it at dance class!
Needless to say... I am super stoked with how it turned out! I have been looking for these on Etsy, and couldn't justify $50 or $60 for a pouffy tutu.... I made this for under $20.
Now... I want to make one for myself... I just need to find a place to wear it..... hmmm.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And one for me. . . .

I don't know if you will believe it or not... but another MME layout has found its way into my albums. I am actaully really happy with how this one turned out. It came together relatively quickly, and I really didn't have to journal, because I think it speaks for itself.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Wedding One

I love love love this line of MME. It is so perfect for any wedding type photos. I designed a MNC Kit with it, and have used it a few times already for Jani and Rob's album. But.... it is so perfect.
Don't tell my sister, but this page was done entirely with leftover bits and pieces of this line. I have very little left, and I was very pleased with how I could make it all come together with what little I had!
The photo is a little dark, but... I am too lazy to go back and re-edit it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wedding layout

This layout doesn't look like much, but I hand cut several blue leaves to layer them on the original background page, as well as added a TON of bling and glossy accents. And I must give a shout out to Haley. She had the glittery blue Thickers for the title... and they were PERFECT!!!
At this rate, I might get the wedding album done in time for..... Easter? Why do I put so much pressure to finish things???

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#5 - What a lofty goal

Last year Haley and decided to post 150 layouts from the year. This year, it is February already, and this is my fifth layout. Someone needs to get crackin'. It is a good thing I have a retreat weekend planned for the end of the month. I can't wait.
Needless to say, 150 will NOT be the goal for this year. I will strive for less. Which is why I am okay with this being my fifth layout only.
On Monday, Haley, Tara, Kacey and I got together for a few hours of scrapping and laughing. I was uber productive this day. I got four layouts done! That is as much as I had accomplished all year! And, in keeping with the use your stash goal from last year... and which will be in use this year because of the other lofty goal of not buying myself anything new until May.... Everything on this page was from my stash. The paper and Daily Dose card were what I received from MME for being featured on their blog... as if being featured wasn't enough, they send you stuff! how cool is that? And the card had the option of Love you "to the moon and back" which is what Grant and I used to say to each other when we first started dating.... how perfect is that?