Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I might need an intervention

An Olympic intervention that is. I don't remember watching the 2006 Olympics with this much dedication. I do remember watching the 2002 ones like a fanatic, but that is because there was a three week long teacher strike during my final teaching practicum... and I had nothing else to do...
But this year... I am loving it! I switch back and forth between the three Canadian coverage channels, as well as NBC so as not to miss a single second of anything important.
I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to my 10 Randoms... so I am going to do my 10 favorite moments of the 2010 Olympics... thus far.

1. During the opening ceremonies the snowboarder rode down the mountain, and he slid down the mountain through a red glowing maple leaf. I got shivers.

2. Our first ever gold medal. Is there ANYTHING better than your national anthem sung in your own country for your winning athlete? No... there isn't.3. Our second gold medal. As good as the first. I even shed a tear last night....

4. Our undefeated mens curling team. I just like to look at John Morris. He is adorable... even if he does look like Brian... he is adorable.

5. Iginla's hat trick during the opening game of the men's hockey. He rocks... and should have been on the first line all along.... Gawd... should I coach hockey?

6. Johnny Weir. I don't think he is an amazing skater... but he is good for a laugh.7. Men's Halfpipe. When I was younger, I skiied. A lot. I loved to be on the hill... but I was never brave enough to go fast... or even conquer a teeny tiny jump... so when I watch halfpipe snowboarding, I live vicariously through them. And I love their pants. But seriously? Who has their own halfpipe? Shawn White.... that's who.
8. I love a good short track speed skating race. Love it. Again... if I wasn't such a chicken I would speed skate. That... and if I could skate.

9. Stephen Colbert and his IceHoles attack. I love the Colbert Report. And I also love knowing that the Americans don't support their athletes any better than we do. Why else would the speed skaters need a private sponsorship from Colbert?10. That they aren't even half over yet.

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