Monday, April 26, 2010

It has been a long long while....

... and I have nothing to report.....
I have done very little in the way of scrapping lately, and I am feeling a little left of lost to tell you the truth....
Fortunately, I am going to spend the day scrapping with an amazing group this Saturday. We are speding the day in High River, and I really can't wait. I don't have any huge aspirations to accomplish a lot, but I know I will have a great time.
In other news, I went golfing for the first time in at least four years this weekend. And I golfed miserably..... I shot a 69.... on nine holes. In my defense, it was cold out, and some holes I was too cold to keep track, so I just took a double par..... Yep. That is my defense. I am also not used to having everyone stand behind me and watch my shot. I am more of a "I'll go hit the ball, and you stay in the cart, drink your beer, and watch for my ball" kind of golfer... not the "sssshhhhhh, they need concentration, you have to be quieter than you have ever been before" kind of golfer.... I think golfing with women is a lot more fun, and to be honest, a lot less intimidating.... so, perhaps that will be my new golf mantra.... golf every four years, and only with women... We'll see!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Layout #28

Tara and Kacey were giving me a hard time that I had so little to do, I was scrapping pictures of branches in the winter. They are right. I really don't have tons to do. I would love to let the pictures pile up, and feel overwhelmed with all I have to "get caught up on", but that would mean I would have to stop scrapping for a while... and I am not sure I can. I have an addictive personality. I fully admit that. When I love something, or someone, I crave it. Scrapbooking is one of those things I am addicted to. So, I don't forsee me not scrapping...... Oh well. It could be an addiction to heroin or something much worse.
Anyhoo, the paper is My Little Yellow Bicycle, and the embellishments are all from SEI. They worked perfectly together.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Layout #27

Tara and Kacey came over on Saturday to scrap. We had a ton of fun, got very little done, and learned how to spell our names with our bums. (I soooo did not intend for that to rhyme!) And as for the dancing, you will have to ask Kacey. Apparently that is how she learned to dance when she was young.... Good thing Chris loves her....
Anyhoo, this looks crooked, but in real life, it is almost straight! More MME goodness, and some Making Memories Halloween embellishments from a few years ago! I think every year my pumpkin carving layout is called CARVE... I should get more creative.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Layout #26 - No Place Like Home

I designed this layout a while ago for a MNC calendar page. We couldn't get the product, so I got to keep it for myself. I was cleaning up my scrapbook room today (cleaning is a major overstatement, btw - more like moving piles from one place to another), and stumbled upon it. At the same time, I stumbled upon a picture of our house right after it was reshingled last summer. I thought it was perfect for the page. So I added a family picture that kind of matched the paper, threw on some journaling (which reads " I have come to the realization that "home" isn't the building you live in, but who lives in that building with you. You are my home.") and voila! Page done!
So the jist of it, (in case it isn't clear from the photos), is that the front page is a neighborhood street, and the actual layout is inside the flap. My favorite part? The little couch, and lamp and cushion.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Layout #25 - Spectaculars

This is done with the new MME L'il Robots line. I love the colors in it, and it was perfect for an Easter page of Cohen checking out his candy haul with his "spectaculars". I love this age when kids are still trying to get the words out correctly. Avery used to call a humidifier a "human fire".
Anyhoo, the paper is new, but I did use up some old paper as well. The Thickers and all the alphabet letters are also old from my stash!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Layout #24

This is a layout I did a long time ago... February to be exact. It was for the MNC sketch challenge that they do twice a month on their blog. The sketch worked perfectly for the rehearsal photos I had, because I had so many..... I really really struggle with two page layouts lately. I don't know why. It used to be all I ever did, and now, I don't think I have enough to fill them.
I am also running out of things to scrap again. Why do I do this to myself?
Old Stuff - you bet... Some of those flowers are ones I have had for at least four years! Yay for using up my stash.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Layout #23

So, I saw this layout on the MME blog hop they did for Easter, and I loved it. So I completely, 100% scraplifted it. And I am not ashamed to say it.........
Like we haven't all done that a time or two!
And, I got to use the MME Pretty Please line. I love this line. Love it. Why haven't I used it more? Good question. I think I am going to use it all up this spring. I feel some mini albums coming on, probably another Easter layout or two, and something else springy for sure.
Old stuff..... check out the American Crafts ribbon at the top! At least five years old. At least. And the Karen Foster egg brads? Two years old.
Yay for using up your stash. I have to admit that when Catherine and Tara told me I had to use up my stash before buying new stuff, I was a little angry. And I didn't think I should have to. But I will now admit that it has changed how I scrap, and shop. I actually go to my clip it up, my ribbon, my brads, and look to see what will work. I have made a huge dent in my stash. Don't get me wrong... Most people would look at my stuff and say "What dent?" But I know how much I have used, and donated, and shared with friends. And it feels good. I also don't buy two of every single piece of paper anymore. I used to do that... and then had a ton left over. I have become a single page girl and really don't need two of everything. I really only use two or three pieces anyway... so.... Maybe I will buy less, maybe I will save my money.... Maybe.
But have you seen the new MME So Sophie line?????? Maybe after I get that I will save my money.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The 30 Day Shred

So I have fallen off of the shred wagon. I was good when I first got it, and saw results, but life took over, and I quit. I do not have the luxury of going to an exercise class, I can't even go for walks when Grant isn't home. We live on a gravel road with a ton of oilfield traffic. I can't really justify putting my kids' lives in danger for a walk. I am limited to working out at home. The problem with that is my kids can't even give me 20 minutes to myself. Cohen has stuck his fingers in the wheel of my eliptical more times than I can count. Avery likes to climb on the steps behind me. Tonight, I thought I would get smart, and work out while the kids at supper. When I need them to eat in a hurry it is a struggle to get finished in 30 minutes. Tonight..... well. They devoured everything on their plates in less than ten minutes, and were right in my way. Cohen got hit in the face twice, knocked over once, and was climbing on my back when I was trying to do lunges.
I know the answer is to get up in the morning before they do.... I know that is the ONLY way I am going to get 20 minutes to myself to work out, but I also know, that as soon as I start the cardio, one, or both will wake up and join me.
Why can't losing weight be as easy as putting it on? Heck.... why can't it be half as easy?

layout # 22

This is from the impromptu photo shoot on St. Patrick's Day. I bought this Little Yellow Bicycle paper... and it is perfect! I also made a few extra shamrocks for the page. My favorite one is the one I made from cardboard, and then spritzed with glimmer mist.
I really have to make an effort to get more photos of myself, and Grant in my albums. If my future self timer photo shoots turn out like this, it shouldn't be hard!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April, already? Seriously?

I can not believe that it is April already. I can't believe that it is Easter. I have had Easter gifts for the kids for a while, because finding peanut free Easter treats is harder than it sounds. But, tomorrow is the fourth day of April; already!
Seriously. Where has this year gone already? We are four months in, and that means we are three months from summer. If summer is that close, I have a lot of things that need to be done before then.First on the list; decorate eggs. Well, at least I got that one done. I had completely forgot about egg decorating, until Grant called from town and asked if we had enough at home to decorate.... oops.I love that ever single picture of me doing something like this with the kids involves me looking like shit. We often do things first thing in the morning... and as you can see, no one is looking their best. (If you want to see a family that has it all together, and looks super cute in their egg pictures, check out Tara's blog. Their hair is even done for crying out loud... ;)
Apparently, the second on my list is to hide eggs. I was NOT planning on an egg hunt this year. Avery told me we HAVE to. ????????? We'll see.

I have to get all of my clothes and toys together for the Mom to Mom sale that is in less than two weeks.... YIKES!

I have to get something organized for Avery's birthday party..... She also has grandiose plans for this one. We'll see.

I am taking wedding photos in there somewhere....

And, I need to lose another ten pounds. (A girl can dream???) I am down fifteen, and I know that if I actually put in the effort that is required of my body, I could do it no problem. I just really need to find the motivation that goes along with weight loss.

If I get anything else besides the egg decorating done, I will let you know!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Layout #21

This is my layout with the new MME Quite Contrary line..... I love it. Could I love their stuff any more??? Oh, wait. Yes. I can. Have you seen the new So Sophie line???? OMG. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Layout #20

This the layout that I did in 45 minutes at the Crop 4 Kids a couple of weekends ago. I was able to sneek in a spot to crop, and threw this together. Once again, it is simple. It is for Jani's album... and, it is done.
It is also helping out my stash..... Old stuff includes the paper, brads, ghost shape heart, and the cardstock. The alphabet stickers were also in my stash... but were only a couple of months old, so... do they count?