Saturday, April 3, 2010

April, already? Seriously?

I can not believe that it is April already. I can't believe that it is Easter. I have had Easter gifts for the kids for a while, because finding peanut free Easter treats is harder than it sounds. But, tomorrow is the fourth day of April; already!
Seriously. Where has this year gone already? We are four months in, and that means we are three months from summer. If summer is that close, I have a lot of things that need to be done before then.First on the list; decorate eggs. Well, at least I got that one done. I had completely forgot about egg decorating, until Grant called from town and asked if we had enough at home to decorate.... oops.I love that ever single picture of me doing something like this with the kids involves me looking like shit. We often do things first thing in the morning... and as you can see, no one is looking their best. (If you want to see a family that has it all together, and looks super cute in their egg pictures, check out Tara's blog. Their hair is even done for crying out loud... ;)
Apparently, the second on my list is to hide eggs. I was NOT planning on an egg hunt this year. Avery told me we HAVE to. ????????? We'll see.

I have to get all of my clothes and toys together for the Mom to Mom sale that is in less than two weeks.... YIKES!

I have to get something organized for Avery's birthday party..... She also has grandiose plans for this one. We'll see.

I am taking wedding photos in there somewhere....

And, I need to lose another ten pounds. (A girl can dream???) I am down fifteen, and I know that if I actually put in the effort that is required of my body, I could do it no problem. I just really need to find the motivation that goes along with weight loss.

If I get anything else besides the egg decorating done, I will let you know!

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