Monday, April 5, 2010

The 30 Day Shred

So I have fallen off of the shred wagon. I was good when I first got it, and saw results, but life took over, and I quit. I do not have the luxury of going to an exercise class, I can't even go for walks when Grant isn't home. We live on a gravel road with a ton of oilfield traffic. I can't really justify putting my kids' lives in danger for a walk. I am limited to working out at home. The problem with that is my kids can't even give me 20 minutes to myself. Cohen has stuck his fingers in the wheel of my eliptical more times than I can count. Avery likes to climb on the steps behind me. Tonight, I thought I would get smart, and work out while the kids at supper. When I need them to eat in a hurry it is a struggle to get finished in 30 minutes. Tonight..... well. They devoured everything on their plates in less than ten minutes, and were right in my way. Cohen got hit in the face twice, knocked over once, and was climbing on my back when I was trying to do lunges.
I know the answer is to get up in the morning before they do.... I know that is the ONLY way I am going to get 20 minutes to myself to work out, but I also know, that as soon as I start the cardio, one, or both will wake up and join me.
Why can't losing weight be as easy as putting it on? Heck.... why can't it be half as easy?

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Carol T said...

Can you do it after they go to bed? That's when I do it -- though I did try to do it when the dayhome kids were having quiet time. That meant, though, that I couldn't yell at Jillian...