Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breast Crop Mini

Well.... I think it is back! I finished this mini album last night. I still want to add some random ribbon in places.... but it is ready for my class in September at The Breast Crop Ever in Red Deer! Yay! You can call me Stella, because I think I got my groove back!This isn't every page in the album.... but I love that I used a variety of shapes and sizes for it! One of the pages is even a squashed toilet paper tube that houses a cute little journaling tag. There is also a library card pocket page... I think it might be my favorite part of the album.The paper line I used is from the MME So Sophie Graceful line. Soooo outside my comfort zone, but I love how it all came together!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Layout # 33 - It is about time.

Slowly, but surely, my mojo is coming back. This is a quick page I threw together for my sister's wedding album. I was in a panic to get it done before their first anniversary.... but they are going to be in Europe for that, so I am shooting to have it done the day they get back. (I also have my fingers crossed.)
I am also working on a mini album for a class I am teaching at The Breast Crop in Red Deer this fall. I showed the initial stages of it to Kacey today while she was cutting my hair, and she gave me the go ahead. It is not a color palette that I am comfortable with, so I needed some reassurance.
I also have plans to make my friend Catherine a travel journal for her birthday. Her mom surprised her with a trip to Paris, Venice and Rome for September, and I found the Me and My Big Ideas travel kits at Michael's the other day and was stoked to use them.
And finally, after a weekend of camping with some of my besties, and over 300 pictures taken between us, I know I have a camping album in my future!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 Randoms.... First Day of Summer.

So we spent our first weekend in the trailer.... and I have to admit, our maiden voyage was a success. The kids had a blast... and so did the big kids. I love summer, and even though we get very little of it here in good ole Alberta, I love every minute we do.... So, here is a list of ten things I love about summer.... (and I am also going to throw in a couple things I don't like.)1. Eating outside. I love it. I love bbq-ing. I love sitting on the deck and eating there. Food just tastes better when you aren't in the house eating it.2. The boat. We named it Kimz Rage when we got it, because, to put it mildly, I was PISSED that he bought a boat without even talking to me about it. Now, I can't imagine a summer without it. We have spent so much time on the water with such good friends, that I refuse to ever give that up.
3. Long days, and late nights. Even though it is harder to convince the kids to go to bed by 8 when the sun is still shining, I love the daylight well into the late evening. Feels like you actually are getting a few more hours in the day.

4. Air conditioning. I love that convenience. I espeically love that we have it in our house too.

5. No schedule. After Avery started preschool, our freedom to pick up and leave whenever we wanted disappeared. She will be in two full days next year, and that will really put a crimp in our freedom, so, I am going to enjoy every day this summer that we don't have something scheduled.

6. Cold beer on a hot day. I don't think even an ice cold glass of water tastes as good as a cold beer on those really hot days. I don't know why... but I love those days.

7. The beach. This sort of goes hand in hand with the boat, but I love a day on the beach. Who can argue with sitting in the sun, soaking up the Vitamin D, and watching the kids get braver and braver with each centimeter of water that they submerge themselves in.
8. Getting a wee bit of color. I am not that girl anymore.... You know the one. The one who would bake herself in the backyard all summer. I don't want that for my skin. I have seen too much of the damage the sun can cause. That said, I also like a bit of color in my face. It just proves that winter really is over.... It also proves you didn't waste your summer indoors.

9. Combining 1 and 6 on a patio..... cold beer, eating on a patio, and people watching. Nothing better than that.

10. Shorts and flip flops. As soon as the snow starts to melt, I put on my flip flops. I hate socks and shoes. I am not so crazy to start wearing shorts at that same moment however. I need the temps to be in the high teens before I get that crazy....

And now for the two things about summer I don't like.

1. Getting into a vehicle with leather seats, and wearing shorts, and burning your legs.... and then 20 minutes later, your legs then stick to the seat because EVERYTHING is hot.....

2. That summer is over too soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In a funk..........

I have been in quite a funk lately, and I don't know what to do about it. I haven't scrapbooked for myself in well over a month. That seems like a lifetime to me.
I have been neglecting any and everything related to work, and feel terribly guilty if I try to do anything for myself. I should be fired from all job postings I currently fill because of my lack of commitment, as well as the piss poor job I have been doing at said jobs. I can't find my desire to scrap anywhere, not even in the far off corners of my scrapbook room.
I also have a very good friend who is going through a breakup, and is dealing with the possible return of her cancer, and I don't feel that I am offering her the support she needs right now because I can barely take care of myself....
It isn't my intention to turn my blog into a pity party. I am well aware that not scrapping for a month, and not wanting too is NOT the biggest issue in the world right now. I am just looking for a way out; and exit sign if you will.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toot Toot!!!! Yay me!

I presented a proposal to the parent council at Avery's school last night. It was to secure the contract for school pictures for the 2010-2011 school year.I just got a phone call this morning hiring me for the job! Yay!!! I am so excited. I really miss being a "real" photographer, and this will bring me back into the game.
Now I have a whole summer to stress about it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oldies But Goodies... 10 Randoms

So for approximately two months some friends from high school have been planning a get together via facebook. Seriously... where would we be without that damn social networking???? So, as a result, two of my bestest bestest friends from high school, and a third good friend managed to get together on Thursday for drinks, dinner, and dancing.
We had such a blast, and I think it should become a biannual event. However, in the future, I think there should be a spa, a topless muscular male masseuer, and no talk of exes....... :)

So here is a brief list of some of the best memories from that night......

1. finding out that two of my single friends who need to stop stressing about their single-ness, and start focusing on their happiness found a way to do that. (And I will leave it at that....)

2. Our cab driver, who, with his very thick accent, couldn't pronounce Jennifer, so called her Ju Ju for the whole cab ride. . . I shall also mention that our cab ride was a mere block... and he cursed loudly when we told him where we were going......

3. Leanne walking into her hotel room, and with more joy than I have seen in a long time, exclaimed, "I have never stayed in a hotel with robes before!" poor girl... Needless to say, we had to convince her she didn't need to wear it dancing.

4. The fish taco text from Lammie...... such good timing.... and so inappropriate! Loved it.

5. Dancing with Aaron and Kelsey. Haven't done it in years, but dancing with people you are familiar with is like riding a bike.... it didn't take long before we were ruling the dance floor.

6. The guy who stole my shooter. And then drank it with my girls. Jerk. Needless to say, I hunted him down, made him buy me another, and then told him I didn't want to see him again.

7. Leanne yelling at the top of her lungs, "This is the first time I have EVER danced in Billy Bob's!" Unfortunately, we were in Belini's.... the bar she and I went to all the time in college. Awesome.

8. Having it out with everyone in the hotel room about what did or did not go down one cold New Year's Eve. Still didn't settle anything in my mind.....

9. Leanne thanking Aaron for lending her his "cardigan"... which was actually just a jacket of some type.... but he sure didn't like the cardigan implication.....

10. The soreness of my stomach the next morning from all of the laughs.......

I so can't wait to do it again......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I bought a trailer!

I bought a trailer, I bought a trailer..... (I am singing this by the way)!!!!! So on Saturday, Kacye and I went to Calgary to check out a trailer I saw pn kijiji. This is the trailer. (isn't it cute??!!)

I am soooo happy that my hunt is over. I am equally happy that I now don't have a reason to not hang out with all my camping friends. I just got off the phone with Trailer Guy (my pet name for him), and he is going to deliver it on Tuesday! I am soooo excited. so very excited. I have already made some minor purchases for it, such as a fly swatter, and a toaster. First camping trip is scheduled for next weekend! Watch for pictures!

Seriously Cohen?

Why can't I leave my son alone for two minutes to go to the bathroom? Because he is two... that's why. Avery recently got a little Barbie makeup compact for her birthday, and I think Cohen is feeling left out. He went so far as to color on his eyelids.... So, after he did this, he came running up to me in the kitchen and said, "Mommy, yook at me! Doo doo doo!" and waved his arms all jazz hands-esque. Awesome. At least it was washable marker.....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 is half over.....10 Randoms

I don't know about you, but it seems like this year has FLOWN by. It feels like it was just Christmas, or St. Patrick's Day... or Avery's birthday for that matter, and here we are... the second week of June. So, there is only half a year left, but there are a ton of things I am looking forward to in those remaining six months.....

1. Grant's final summer on tour... or so he claims. When we first got together, I was totally cool with him working away... it meant more money. But now that we have kids, and I have new and difficult family members living close by, it isn't as easy. For the last year he has told me that this is his last summer working away. I don't know what that means....... I am afraid it means it is going to be his first fall as a full-time farmer..... what is worse????

2. A night out with my girlies from the good old days. This coming Thursday, three good friends from high school and I have arranged to meet for dinner, drinks, and there is even a rumor of dancing..... Two of the three are friends I haven't seen in over 12 years. I so can't wait.

3. Going to the cabin. I have put off going to Grant's family's cabin for years... and then last year when we went, I loved it. This year we are planning to go up in August so we can have time there alone. I am really looking forward to everything except the 14 hour drive....

4. Camping with T, K and H..... there are plans in the works for our four families to spend a weekend camping at Little Bow..... I think we will have so much fun. I am not as convinced that the guys see it this way, but who cares??!! It is another photo op for the rest of us!\

5. My new lights. I just bought a set of studio lights. I am beyond stoked. I have hmmed and hahed for years about whether or not photography is something I should get back into. I have dabbled for years ever since leaving my photographer job in Rimbey, and I know I am good at it, but I have a hard time justifying charging people for it..... so we will see how motivated I get once the lights arrive!

6. Avery starting kindergarten. Although it freaks me out to think I have a child old enough to be going to school two days a week, I am looking forward to the alone time with Cohen. I haven't ever had that with him, and this will give us a chance to have some real mommy/son time.

7. Another scrapbook retreat in October with T and one in November with H and hopefully K. I love love love going away with my friends, and having some down time, and getting some hardcore scrapping done.

8. Cohen getting potty trained. I don't care if it takes ALL summer... that kid is going to be wearing underwear by fall if it kills me (and more likely, if it kills him...) I am soooo sick of diapers. I hate them. Just think of how much money I could save on diapers and wipes every year if that little monkey would wear underwear!

9. Janelle and Rob getting home safely from their Europe trip. Although they haven't left yet, and I am EXTREMELY jealous of the trip on all counts, I know they will have a fantastic time. I also know they will return home refreshed, and exhausted.... (and I also know I won't offer to scrapbook this album for them...)

10. The spray park opening in High River. We have spent the better part of four summers there... and I can't wait for more. There are several dates already marked on my calendar for this place.... and any reason to hang out with my girlfriends and let the kids run wild for a dollar is as good an excuse as any.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cross your fingers!

I am not trailer smart. I am not low maintainance. I don't know how to haggle. I need to grow a pair. For the last couple of years Grant and I have been looking at trailers. Nothing serious, but we did have an idea in mind what we were looking for if it indeed did surface. Well, Grant is away at work in Thunder Bay, and the trailer we have been looking for has just been posted on Kijiji. I don't know the first thing about what to look for. I would be happy with beds, bathroom, and fridge. But I think there is more to a good quality trailer than just that. (That said, the beds need to be a queen bedroom, bunks for the kids, a large fridge, a full bathroom..... see... NOT low maintainance.) I don't know anything about batteries, or propane tanks, or rubber roofing, or storage. All I know is that we knew the four for sure things we wanted, and the type of pull wasn't a deal breaker, but we would have preferred a 5th wheel. Well, this trailer that I have found is made in Canada (check), fiberglass (check), slide (check), bunks (check) and is a 5th wheel. The best part? It is closer to anything in our price range than we have seen yet.
So, that said, I am taking my friend Kacey to the city with me tonight. We are going to look at the trailer, and Kacey is going to be my "what to look for" person, as well as the haggler if it comes to that.
Cross your fingers.....!!!!