Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 is half over.....10 Randoms

I don't know about you, but it seems like this year has FLOWN by. It feels like it was just Christmas, or St. Patrick's Day... or Avery's birthday for that matter, and here we are... the second week of June. So, there is only half a year left, but there are a ton of things I am looking forward to in those remaining six months.....

1. Grant's final summer on tour... or so he claims. When we first got together, I was totally cool with him working away... it meant more money. But now that we have kids, and I have new and difficult family members living close by, it isn't as easy. For the last year he has told me that this is his last summer working away. I don't know what that means....... I am afraid it means it is going to be his first fall as a full-time farmer..... what is worse????

2. A night out with my girlies from the good old days. This coming Thursday, three good friends from high school and I have arranged to meet for dinner, drinks, and there is even a rumor of dancing..... Two of the three are friends I haven't seen in over 12 years. I so can't wait.

3. Going to the cabin. I have put off going to Grant's family's cabin for years... and then last year when we went, I loved it. This year we are planning to go up in August so we can have time there alone. I am really looking forward to everything except the 14 hour drive....

4. Camping with T, K and H..... there are plans in the works for our four families to spend a weekend camping at Little Bow..... I think we will have so much fun. I am not as convinced that the guys see it this way, but who cares??!! It is another photo op for the rest of us!\

5. My new lights. I just bought a set of studio lights. I am beyond stoked. I have hmmed and hahed for years about whether or not photography is something I should get back into. I have dabbled for years ever since leaving my photographer job in Rimbey, and I know I am good at it, but I have a hard time justifying charging people for it..... so we will see how motivated I get once the lights arrive!

6. Avery starting kindergarten. Although it freaks me out to think I have a child old enough to be going to school two days a week, I am looking forward to the alone time with Cohen. I haven't ever had that with him, and this will give us a chance to have some real mommy/son time.

7. Another scrapbook retreat in October with T and one in November with H and hopefully K. I love love love going away with my friends, and having some down time, and getting some hardcore scrapping done.

8. Cohen getting potty trained. I don't care if it takes ALL summer... that kid is going to be wearing underwear by fall if it kills me (and more likely, if it kills him...) I am soooo sick of diapers. I hate them. Just think of how much money I could save on diapers and wipes every year if that little monkey would wear underwear!

9. Janelle and Rob getting home safely from their Europe trip. Although they haven't left yet, and I am EXTREMELY jealous of the trip on all counts, I know they will have a fantastic time. I also know they will return home refreshed, and exhausted.... (and I also know I won't offer to scrapbook this album for them...)

10. The spray park opening in High River. We have spent the better part of four summers there... and I can't wait for more. There are several dates already marked on my calendar for this place.... and any reason to hang out with my girlfriends and let the kids run wild for a dollar is as good an excuse as any.

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