Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Layout # 33 - It is about time.

Slowly, but surely, my mojo is coming back. This is a quick page I threw together for my sister's wedding album. I was in a panic to get it done before their first anniversary.... but they are going to be in Europe for that, so I am shooting to have it done the day they get back. (I also have my fingers crossed.)
I am also working on a mini album for a class I am teaching at The Breast Crop in Red Deer this fall. I showed the initial stages of it to Kacey today while she was cutting my hair, and she gave me the go ahead. It is not a color palette that I am comfortable with, so I needed some reassurance.
I also have plans to make my friend Catherine a travel journal for her birthday. Her mom surprised her with a trip to Paris, Venice and Rome for September, and I found the Me and My Big Ideas travel kits at Michael's the other day and was stoked to use them.
And finally, after a weekend of camping with some of my besties, and over 300 pictures taken between us, I know I have a camping album in my future!

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