Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cross your fingers!

I am not trailer smart. I am not low maintainance. I don't know how to haggle. I need to grow a pair. For the last couple of years Grant and I have been looking at trailers. Nothing serious, but we did have an idea in mind what we were looking for if it indeed did surface. Well, Grant is away at work in Thunder Bay, and the trailer we have been looking for has just been posted on Kijiji. I don't know the first thing about what to look for. I would be happy with beds, bathroom, and fridge. But I think there is more to a good quality trailer than just that. (That said, the beds need to be a queen bedroom, bunks for the kids, a large fridge, a full bathroom..... see... NOT low maintainance.) I don't know anything about batteries, or propane tanks, or rubber roofing, or storage. All I know is that we knew the four for sure things we wanted, and the type of pull wasn't a deal breaker, but we would have preferred a 5th wheel. Well, this trailer that I have found is made in Canada (check), fiberglass (check), slide (check), bunks (check) and is a 5th wheel. The best part? It is closer to anything in our price range than we have seen yet.
So, that said, I am taking my friend Kacey to the city with me tonight. We are going to look at the trailer, and Kacey is going to be my "what to look for" person, as well as the haggler if it comes to that.
Cross your fingers.....!!!!

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