Friday, December 31, 2010

Two short.....

I am two layouts short of my goal of 75. Bummed? Not really. I don't have that much left to do this year anyways. I am missing some Halloween layouts, and haven't finished Jani and Rob's wedding album, but I don't feel like I haven't stayed on top of things. So.... I will get over it. 
I also don't know if I will be able to set the bar this high for next year. I was offered a long term subbing position that will go until at least April, and possibly to the end of the school year. I am very excited about the opportunity, but I know it will cut into my scrapping time significantly.
Needless to say, 73 layouts is pretty dece for a year. It certainly makes my need for more albums a relevant one. 

Speaking of albums... why are we so willing to spend hundreds of dollars on paper, and then try and skimp on the albums that our pages go into. Maybe spending more on high quality albums will be one of my resolutions this year.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Layout #67 - Class Act.... that is what I should have called this page!

I was lucky enough to be the photographer for the school photos at Avery's school. The class photos are often the hardest because they are the ones where you need to ensure that 20 or so people are looking, smiling, and not making stupid rabbit ears in the photos..... That said, I do have a couple of kids not smiling.... but my kid is...! Wait... was that wrong?
Anyhoo, the October Afternoon Report Card line is soooo cute and perfect for anything school.... I also used up some Scenic Route chipboard, Jenni Bowlin bingo cards, and some ribbon!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Layout #66 - getting there!!!!! 9 to go!

I got this photo of Canada Geese hanging out on our quonset from our deck. They were squaking and making quite a racket. So, I assumed they wanted their picture taken.... The paper was perfect for the color of the photos, and the theme as well! I had originally bought it for baby pictures of Cohen, but used it for this instead. I am quite happy with the result!!!

Layout #64

There is something about having your name on a road sign. Let's face it. Collis isn't a common name, and isn't likely going to manifest itself in a lot of places that we go. So, I was thrilled to see this sign just down the road from the cabin!!! How appropriate that I am standing on the road...

Layout #63 - Like Father Like Son

I love this photo. It was caught by accident, and it is one of my favorites of Grant and Cohen. They are sporting the same expression, while listening to speeches at a wedding we attended this spring. Too perfect.
Equally awesome is that I used up some really old stuff. Seriously. How old is this Basic Grey line??? and the chipboard letters are from a Crate Paper line that is at least two or three years old!! Love it.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

OMG where has the time gone????

I have been a wee bit of a slacker in the blogging, scrapping, and general life in front of a computer department!! Needless to say, I do have an excuse. But first... this layout was so simple, and I love how cute it ended up. Good old Fancy Pant summer line from a couple of years back, some stickles, patience cutting out the waves, and it was done!

Now for the excuse. I was offered a long term subbing position that will extend until Christmas, and potentially into January. I jumped at it. It is my teaching area, and the age group I love.... how could I say no? So I will have subbed every day in December, plus a few going back into November! At least I will be caught up on Christmas bills this year!

Now to the stress... I don't know that I will make my cut in half layout goal this year! This is layout 62... I have about four more, not posted, and then I am scrapping tomorrow.... That means I need to get 9 layouts done..... Highly doubtful. Maybe when Grant comes home, I will highjack my girls and we will have a day. We haven't had one in months and I think we are due.