Saturday, December 11, 2010

OMG where has the time gone????

I have been a wee bit of a slacker in the blogging, scrapping, and general life in front of a computer department!! Needless to say, I do have an excuse. But first... this layout was so simple, and I love how cute it ended up. Good old Fancy Pant summer line from a couple of years back, some stickles, patience cutting out the waves, and it was done!

Now for the excuse. I was offered a long term subbing position that will extend until Christmas, and potentially into January. I jumped at it. It is my teaching area, and the age group I love.... how could I say no? So I will have subbed every day in December, plus a few going back into November! At least I will be caught up on Christmas bills this year!

Now to the stress... I don't know that I will make my cut in half layout goal this year! This is layout 62... I have about four more, not posted, and then I am scrapping tomorrow.... That means I need to get 9 layouts done..... Highly doubtful. Maybe when Grant comes home, I will highjack my girls and we will have a day. We haven't had one in months and I think we are due.

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