Thursday, May 26, 2011

Future Fashion Day

Today was Future Fashion Day at Avery's school, and I completely forgot about it. 100% slipped my mind. So last night, when I got home from the Spring Fling at the school, I got a message from a friend asking what I was going to do..... what else??? Google Gaga, of course. I am sure I could have wrapped her in tin foil and called it good, but I thought I would see what I could find Gaga-esque first. And that is where the Glimmer Mist and Kaiser Craft pearls came in. I clearly started with garbage bags. I then made a balloon skirt using my tape gun... and also made a pocket at the waist of the skirt (again, tape gun) to thread through a belt... of tulle. I then covered the skirt with pearls. As for the crystals on Gaga's dress, I immediately thought of those little origamo fortune tellers. So, I cut up some thin chipboard, sprayed it with glimmer mist, and set to folding. Then I stapled them on to the shirt and skirt. Because tape and staples are how people will dress themselves in the future.


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