Friday, July 8, 2011

Signs of Summer in Champion

I live in an amazing community. Amazing doesn't cut it. For a village of 400 people, it pretty much kicks ass. We just celebrated our centennial last weekend, and it was three days of jammed packed fun that I won't soon forget. However, that weekend has come and gone, so now I need to rave about something else. That something is our brand new swimming pool. Our old pool was built in 1967, and it really was showing its wear. So work began on fundraising for a new pool. And it was worth the wait. Our new pool is bigger and so much better. There is a graduated entry which basically means I don't have to get in the water if I don't want to. Cohen, who last year, screamed and clung to me, now walks in up to his chin and bounces around screaming "Look at me!". Avery is getting more and more brave with each day we go, and just started dog paddling the other day. It will also soon have a spray area to add to the excitement. It has been open for exactly a week, and the only day we didn't go was the one day we went to the spray park in High River instead. I love our little pool so much I don't mind the 15 minute drive to town and back home again each day, just so we can get a little bit of respite from the heat, and I can watch my kids have a ball!

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