Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So here's the plan

So I saw this on Pinterest.... imagine that, right?
Anyhoo, it is a savings plan that involves socking away a five dollar bill whenever you have one. People who are have done this have saved as much as $400 in one year. I would love to have a little extra money for whatever I feel I need. And what a great way to actually show my kids that they are not the only ones saving their money... that they will actually see me doing it. I think this will be difficult because I rarely actually have money on me. I am more of a debit card gal myself, but I also know it will be doable... If nothing else, I should have money on hand to pay the babysitter whenever we need one!

1 comment:

Kitchen Utensil said...

Hope you have enough socked away to cover the vet bills for the free farm cats ;)