Monday, April 2, 2012

Come Together

I spent this past weekend working two casino shifts as a volunteer for our private kindergarten. We rely heavily on the money as casino brings in to pay wages, provide resources for the kids, and ensure that they have the best start in school they can. There has always been a debate in our little community about the perks of a private kindergarten versus a public, school board one. One of the drawbacks is that we need to work casinos. I like working them. You get two meals, you don't have to cook, or pay for them, you get to catch up on your reading, or crocheting, or.... whatever. But for some reason, people don't step up to the plate. It is the same as any other volunteer activity. It is the same group of people doing the work, and the majority reaping the benefits. I could go on and on about how disappointed I am in people around me, but something else happened this weekend that is offering me more clarity. Friends and neighbors of ours had their baby this weekend. They have tried for years to get pregnant, and it finally happened for them. On Saturday they welcomed their baby girl 9 weeks early. It sounds like things are going well, and I am completely over the moon for them. They will both make such amazing parents, and even though this isn't the most ideal way for a baby to come into the world, their daughter is getting amazing care. I could continue to be frustrated about the casino and apathy demonstrated by some people, but I am choosing to look at the people who did step up with appreciation. I am choosing to look at the things that really matter, like that 2lb 12oz baby girl. I am choosing to come together with the people I really want to be around, and letting the rest live their lives.

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Kitchen Utensil said...

Good for you. You can see what really matters however these people who fail to step up to volunteer also need to take the time to see that the very kindergarten their child attends is also important and without it they would have to teach them themselves!