Monday, August 27, 2012

Me vs Pollen

I will do anything for a good shot. (well, maybe not ANYTHING - I won't go into a mouse infested house or anything) I have allergies. Especially to pollen. And I think particularly to canola pollen.

However, I will still traipse into the pollen to get some pictures of my kids. The sun was BRIIIIIGHT this day. I was shooting at an f-stop of 26! That's crazy. I must say I like the sky a lot better when there are big fluffy clouds in it! 
I also love how much my kids love each other. I told them to stand beside each other, and this is how they interpreted that. Don't get me wrong... they will have a good old, knock down, drag out from time to time, but they play together, and love each other more than they fight. I am a lucky momma!

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