Friday, November 12, 2010

how to deal

I don't deal well with disappointment. I don't like to be disappointed, and often I turn that feeling back on myself and wonder what I did to cause the problem. The reality is, it isn't MY problem. I have put myself out there, offered up my time, talent, and experiences, and have to understand that sometimes people are not going to take me up on it. That said, I would prefer the truth rather than some round about laundry list of reasons why something isn't going to work. In the last few weeks, I have been dealt a lot of reasons, which has lead to a lot of disappointment. I have been disappointed with work, people, and myself. The only one I can change is me. The rest will continue to disappoint me; that is a given. I just need to learn to expect less of some, and more of me, and hopefully that will result in happier days ahead.


Christy Riopel said...

Kim you are fabulous...don't forget that We don't always know the whole story, but anyone would be blessed to to know you and have you in their life!

Anonymous said...

Just be and accept things as they are, don't let other peoples personallities get in your way. You are a wonderful!