Wednesday, November 17, 2010

laundry.................... I don't get it.

When does laundry stop being laundry? What I mean is... is it still laundry once it has been sorted? Washed and dried? Folded? Or does it have to be put away to no longer be laundry? Or does laundry just get to be a vicious circle? Are people really done their laundry when they say they are? Because it really never ends... And and speaking of never ending, when does it start? When does it become laundry? Is is laundry once it has been thrown in the hamper? Does it become laundry as soon as you put it on? What about the second it is taken off the hanger? I clearly don't have enough things to do if I am worrying about this, but I wonder what people mean when they say they are done laundry?

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