Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 Randoms ........ Patience.... or impatience

There are some things I don't mind waiting for. There I some things I have NO patience for. And I can't decide if there is a connection between the patience and the impatience. But here are a few of those things:

1. Trains.  I don't mind waiting for a train if it has some awesome graffiti on it. I am not supporting vandalism, but I have to admit, I LOVE good graffiti. I wish I understood it. So, when I see some amazing art on the side of a train, I don't mind that wait.
2. A vacation is something else I don't mind waiting for. Don't get me wrong. I hate the wait, but I know that when the day comes that I can pack up and leave for somewhere far from here, it is a good thing....

3. My heated seats. I hate getting into a cold vehicle, and sitting on frozen leather seats, but I know that in less than a minute, my butt will be toasty warm.....

4. Getting my hair done. I love sitting in the chair. I love having girl talk. I love knowing that I will have kick ass hair when the day is done. I love the break from laundry and meals and Treehouse... I love the two or three hours it takes to make my hair awesome again.

5. Okay... this is something I am always impatient about. I can't wait for summer to arrive. I love warm days, and flip flops, and spray parks, and shorts, and beaches, and camping, and long days, and everything that summer means.

6. Mmmmmm.... I don't mind waiting for my chai cream blended frappacino. It is worth the wait.

7. Tantrums are something I don't have patience for. I try at every turn to prevent my son from having one, but he seems to sneak one by me at least once a day! I understand that he is still a little kid, and will have them. It is the tantrums that people who are old enough to know better that I really don't have time for..... grow up and learn to deal.....

8. Know it alls. I can't stand listening to people talk who refuse to accept the idea that someone else in the conversation may have something to contribute. Or an acceptable difference of opinion. Seriously???? You think you are the only one who knows everything about everything???

9. Attention seekers drive me crazy..... I have absolutely NO patience for people who crave attention and do stupid things to get it. There is a particular person I know who has made a big production of deleting me on facebook, and removing me from a group created by that person. This person also refused to make eye contact with me this past weekend... Yeah... I have noticed that you are trying to make a point that I don't get, but I have blocked you on FB. And I don't want you to comment on my blog.

10. The last thing I do can't wait for is quality time with my family. I was away for only a day, and I can't wait to go and play outside with the kids today. I missed them like crazy..... Weird. ;)

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