Thursday, April 7, 2011

So.... a wee bit excited over here!!!

I just got an email asking me to design some layouts and cards for the iPhone App Sketches 2 Scrapbook. I am stoked, and honored, and excited, and nervous all at the same time! I bought this app the day it launched and I love that I have inspiration with me all the time from amazingly talented scrapbookers the world over. And, now, I get to be one of them! So... if you have a desire for downloading apps, and are looking for the best scrapbooking one out there... and I should know, because I have looked through them all.... this is worth every penny. Trust me.
And if you don't have an iPod or iPhone, you can always check out their website.


Lee-Anne said...
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kaly said...

Way to go Kim!