Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not Gonna Happen

So, when I made a goal for myself to complete 50 layouts this year, I thought it was doable. In fact, I was sure I would easily complete it by summer, and be on the next 50.
Alas, this wasn't my year to scrap. I have never been this far behind, and I am okay with it. I think a lot of my lack of productivity is that I didn't attend a retreat this fall, which is something I usually do. I couldn't make it work. I remember I used to look at friends with kids older than mine who never seemed to have the time to scrapbook, and I thought they just didn't prioritize right. Now I get that they do... that scrapbooking isn't more important than my kids getting the chance to participate in extra curricular activities, or volunteering at their school trumps paper these days. So I won't be reaching my goal. But it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Or maybe it was that I was so preoccupied with all the stuff I have pinned, that scrapbooking took a back seat to crafting. Since discovering and addicting myself to Pinterest, I have made several things I have pinned. Including a yarn wrapped wreath, teacher gifts for Christmas, a bunch of yummy new recipes, and I am working on a t-shirt rug. So, although I wasn't scrapping, I was getting my creative juices flowing, and that is a good thing. (Aren't I Martha?)

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Kitchen Utensil said...

"working on a t-shirt rug"?? Still not finished *snicker-snicker*