Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wheat Bag Making Machine!

So... thanks to Pinterest I saw some adorable little owl ornaments. And from that post, the idea for teacher gifts was born. I made mini wheat bag owls out of felt, and the wheat that Grant had leftover from his samples this harvest. Holy time consuming. And these ones aren't the ones that were blanket stitched all around. But they are adorable, and I might make some for the kiddos for their stockings! I had grandiose plans of making 10, which would have been doable had I completed them when I started them, but alas, I got six done by staying up until 12:30 last night....
But they are done. Yay! And they have been handed out. We had our afternoon performance of the Christmas Concert today, and it was awesome. The play was great, the band was great, the preschool kids were adorable, and Avery is the cutest singing reindeer I know.

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