Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 Randoms.... Movies I have never seen.

For the longest time, my friends have been amazed that I have never seen the movie Grease. I don't get what the big deal is, but maybe that is because I haven't seen it. So, then I got to thinking about other big movies that I haven't seen. Apparently I have some catching up to do.
 Labyrinth - Fantasy doesn't do it for me.... Neither does David Bowie.

The Matrix - See above.... too sciency, too weird for me.

Thelma and Louise. I don't know why. I think it was because I don't like Geena Davis.... I know it isn't because I don't like Brad Pitt.... ;)

The Godfather - or any of the Godfather movies. I like mob stuff, so the reason for this neglect is beyond me... Maybe the next rainy day, because we have this at home.

None of the Indiana Jones ones. Not a single one. A big rolling rock and snakes don't do it for me. Neither do whips. (Impressive how much I know about it though, isn't it?)

Pretty In Pink. There are actually a whole list of 80s movies that I haven't seen, including 16 Candles, and Risky Business. I think I didn't like the idea of a redhead wearing pink. I have weird aversions. Don't get me started on meat on the bone!

Rocky. I don't like watching guys punch each other. (Hence not seeing Fight Club. Again, not because of Brad Pitt)

I HAVE seen the first Star Wars movie. The first, first movie. Not the first movie that turned into the fourth movie. I haven't seen the others. I think that we, as a people, don't deserve access to space. I think we have done a spectacular job destroying our planet, and therefore we shouldn't be allowed to go there and destroy other parts of our universe. Because of that, any space stuff turns me off. 

When Harry Met Sally. I LOVE Meg Ryan. I have no idea why I haven't seen this. I have seen the fake orgasm scene, but that is it.
So, I guess it is a pretty decent list of things I have missed. Maybe my rainy summer days will be spent catching up on all I have missed.

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