Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some thoughts on ice cream

For me, this image reminds me of my summers working at Frosty Top. That was our local ice cream parlour and my summer job for three years. Ice cream isn't something I love, or even like for that matter. I would rather dump my calories into bag of chips, so it was a good place to work. I also liked that very rarely were people unhappy when they were eating their ice cream. Who could get a double scoop of Tiger and Maple Walnut and be angry?

But now, this image also makes me sad. I have a daughter with a severe peanut allergy and the thought of taking her out for ice cream terrifies me. Not every ice cream flavor has peanuts or nuts in it, but the potential is a real threat for a person with food allergies. It isn't the ice cream part of it. She has ice cream all the time. It is the experience. I remember going for bike rides as a family and then stopping for ice cream on the way home. We used to get ice cream after baseball games, swimming, on really hot days, sometimes on really rainy days... We just went for ice cream. That isn't something that Avery will get to experience. Is it a big deal? No. Could it be worse? Yes. But, nonetheless, it makes me sad. Because of something out of her control, she is going to miss out on a major part of childhood. We try to make things as normal as possible and to her credit, she is fantastic about missing out. She gets it. She knows that even the littlest exposure can be deadly, and she never once has complained. Maybe I need to take a lesson from her...

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