Monday, May 28, 2012

New Approach to Laundry

This is only a slight exaggeration of what the constant chore of laundry looks like in my house. I have always been looking for a way for it to be less painful, and annoying, and something I dread. Laundry usually went in a format something like this:
I would sort both kids, mine and Grant's clothes by color, dark, whites, denims, socks and underwear, and sheets and towels. This usually meant between 7 -10 loads of laundry depending on how big the loads were, and how long it had been since the last time I did laundry. Then, I would do these loads, but not fold everything completely because I am a bit anal about how things go into the basket because I put things in the basket based on how they go into drawers and the closets. So, laundry could take me days to fully complete and get back into closets... Get why I hate it?
So, I was on pinterest and was looking for new ways to organize my life, and I came across a blog that introduced the most controversial approach to laundry I have ever heard of. The woman proposed that I don't sort...... I know, right? Anyhoo, she suggests using a 1/4 cup of vinegar to set colors and keep them bright, but not to worry about keeping lights and colors apart.
She also said that she does one load of laundry a day. From start to finish. Wash, dry, fold put away. Done. So, this is going to be my new approach. I am going to take a basket a day from either our room, or one of the kids' rooms, and go from there. I think I won't be doing as much laundry, because realistically they have enough clothes that I could probably wash their stuff once every two weeks, and the same for us. That would mean sheets and towels once a week, and other stuff as necessary...
Kind of excited. Did I just say that?
Anyhoo, as I am finishing this post, the dryer has just binged on my first attempt at not sorting. Time to fold!


AlishaHB said...
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Jennifer said...

Not sort?? I need clarification on this. Do you still do darks separately tho?