Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer To Do List

Is it still a "to do" if you have already done it? I am making summer plans like crazy. It is the end of May after all... ;) And May has been a horribly disappointing month weather wise, so summer can't come soon enough for this girl!
I am making plans for the days between June 29th and Labour Day.... so thing one is:
1. Plant the garden. The weather isn't looking that great, and the ground is somewhat dry, so hopefully this happens in the next day or two.

2. The pool opened last year on the first of July. It is already open and I plan on spending as much, if not more time there this year. We are so fortunate to have such an awesome opportunity in our little village. Best pool out there in my opinion!
3. When we aren't at the pool, I plan on spending time at the spray park in High River. This picture is from a few years ago... but the fun is still the same. Where else can you spend the day, have the fun we do there, and spend under $5?
4. There is something about the Red Deer Farmer's Market. I'm sure it is like most other Farmer's Markets, but I love that one. Every time I go to visit my parents, I make sure to make plans to go with my sister and her husband, or my friend Jenn. I don't go looking for veggies and fruits; I go to people watch, buy donuts, and look at all the stuff I wish I had time to make, but never get around to.

5. I also plan to take the kids to Calaway Park again this year. We went last year with Tara and her kids, and the plan is to go again this year. Maybe they will spend more time on the rides and less time in the haunted house??? Doubt it.

6. Make it to the cabin this year. We didn't go last year. The weather up there was crap, and the warmest day they had was 22 degrees. Grant and I both agreed that there was no point in driving 14 hours for crappy weather when we were having amazing weather at home. I am hoping that we are luckier this year. There is something about sitting on the deck of the cabin listening to the loons at sunset, watching the kids spend hours throwing rocks into the water, reading every book I brought, cooking outside every night.... I love the cabin.

7. Oh the penguins. Can't wait to take the kids to see them. That is all. ;)

8. This looks so fun. I can't wait to fill the tub with glow sticks and let the kids loose in the tub. I'm sure they won't want to get out!

9. Drumheller. That was another place we didn't get last year, and Avery has reminded me at least once a week... for a year..... So, we are going camping there again this year. Such a great town and so much to entertain my kids with!

10. Camping.... lots and lots of camping. I am even tempted to pull the trailer in to Champion before school is out and send Avery across the road to school from there. I surprise myself with how much I love to camp. We did it all the time when I was young, but I got to be a bit too high maintenance for a while and there was NO way I would sleep somewhere that wasn't a house or hotel. Now, I can't wait for the weekends!

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