Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sign of the times?

In the last couple of weeks, two iconic staples in the scrapbook industry (to me) have made major announcements. The first was that the magazine Scrapbooks Etc. is stopping print. This was my all time favorite inspirational magazine, and I had a subscription to it for years up until a few years ago...  (I spend my time looking for ideas online now.) The second announcement came on Tuesday to my email that the Lethbridge location of Scrapbooker's Paradise is closing. CLOSING! Paradise is the biggest scrapbook chain in Alberta, and likely Canada. And one of their stores is closing. It really shouldn't come as a surprise. I know plenty of stores that have gone under in recent years due to several reasons, but this one was a bit of a shock. A few years ago, they moved to a smaller location, and I didn't find myself in the store as much because it didn't feel as welcoming, the stock was too inaccessible, and they didn't carry as much.
Is it me? Am I the reason the scrapbook industry is changing? I cancelled my subscription, and stopped shopping.... coincidence??? ;)
Needless to say, I got a paper rack from Paradise because they are selling their fixtures... I kinda want to go get another, but I don't have that much paper!
So I guess it is so long to an era of my life, and on to bigger and better things... like online shopping??

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