Tuesday, September 4, 2012

summer holiday pressure

Our summer holidays came to an end today as Avery went back to school and into grade two. I have been thinking back to the summer that was, and for a minute I felt guilty that we didn't do anything AMAZING, and that we stayed relatively close to home. It isn't that we didn't do anything this summer; we really did. We camped, we went to the zoo, and Calaway Park. We swam, and swam, and swam. We went to movies and had play dates. It was a great summer, but I think that because we didn't go to the cabin this summer I feel guilty.
And then I have to remind myself that the kids don't care what they do over summer holidays. I think that parents put pressure on themselves to do over the top things because that is what everyone else is doing. Or because they are trying to create memories.

When I was growing up, we would camp at Fairmont Hot Springs every summer. That was it. We had one week to camp, and we camped, and swam, and rode our bikes, and roasted hot dogs (gross). I have amazing memories of those summers. The smell of coconut "suntan lotion" still makes me think of the pool. Whenever we go back there, I immediately think of my childhood.

I worry that my kids won't have amazing summer memories, but then I asked Avery what she loved the best about this summer, and it was simple. She loved going to the pool. She said that she learned to be a better swimmer this summer and that was why she loved it.

Cohen said the same thing. He turned in to a little fish in July and now lives with his face in the water.
So. I need to release the guilt. My kids don't know that we could have done this, or gone there. They are happy with the simple things. And isn't that a lesson we can all learn?

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