Monday, May 26, 2008

My New Favorite Layout

I would like to take all the credit for this layout, but props have to go to Haley and Tara. They were full of ideas yesterday, and I thank them both so much.

I wanted to go with the CSI idea, but I never imagined that it would turn out like this. Police tape gives it just the right touch, don't you think?

Avery snuck into her birthday cake on the morning of her birthday. Did she do this to the sample cake I made? OOOOHHHH Nooooooo. Just the one that people would see. Anyhoo, she smushed her fingers into Lightning's tailfin, and got a good sampling of icing. I was a little angry at first, but I would never have made a layout like this otherwise so....

And in keeping with Haley's "use old stuff" goal - the chipboard was old, and the file folders were to be recycled, post-its, and police tape... The only new stuff is the background paper.

Finally, the picture is a little dark, but the sun had set, and I couldn't wait until tomorrow to take it, so there. (I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

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Haley Marie Ross said...

I love it. It turned out so well. Totally love it.