Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Very Own Play Park

We have hmmmmed and haaahed for a long time over what type of swing set to get for our kids. Avery LOVES going to the park, but I find that it is a production to get there. I have to time it between meals, and naps and find time to drive to town to go. So our own just made sense. We have had a ton of rain lately and this meant that Grant couldn't do the yard work that so desperately needs to be done, but he could build a playground. We went to Calgary on Wednesday, and Grant spent numerous hours in the shop putting the thing together. While I was at "work" yesterday, he moved it into the yard. Avery called me at work to tell me all the different ways she went down the slide, how she climbed the "rocky wall", looked out the telescope, and drove the steering wheel. Mark was here today and Grant roped him into helping him finish putting the swing and monkey bars up. Avery is in complete heaven, and I can watch it all from my kitchen window...

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