Thursday, November 27, 2008

More November Layouts

Here are a couple of things that I have been working on lately. I got some stuff accomplished last weekend. Nothing that should have been accomplished mind you... I have several MNC kits that need to be started, finished, written up... and today was going to be that day, except that Grant and his friend Mark needed to do some running around this morning, and swore they would be home by noon so Grant could take Avery out to the shop to work with him, and Cohen would sleep. Well, here I sit, at twenty to three. Still with very little accomplished, two kids wide awake, and nothing in mind for supper. So what's a girl to do??? Blog of course!

This Face It layout is one that I have been avoiding for a while, but this paper called my name! (or was it that it provided me with so many ways to use all my Stickles????) I also used old stuff on it. Old alphabet letters, and... well that's it for this one.

Who didn't snap up the sock monkey paper when it first came out? I know I bought everything sock monkey... then I got it home, and didn't quite know what to do with it. That was until I found a sock monkey costume for Halloween! Perfect fit! And I really love how it turned out.

This tub time layout is one that I thought I might send to Canadian Scrapbooker. I love that I used a variety of different companies and products on it. And with the exception of the paper, it was also all old.

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Kitchen Utensil said...

does that sock monkey have an evil twin??? kinda freaky you photoshopper!