Monday, November 10, 2008

Some is better than none.

I only managed to make six cards yesterday. But I do have everything cut and prepped for the remaining 29.... That is good I guess. I am keeping my cards simple this year. I went a little crazy a few years ago and ended up having to pay double for postage because Canada Post can't run the cards I was making through their machines. Needless to say. I love the people that get a card from me, but I don't love them twice-as-much-postage love. Does that make sense? so this is what people will be getting in the mail from the Cummins crew this year. It is using SU! Ski SlopeDS paper, and the Scandinavian Season stamp set. I LOVE that set.... love it. I used chocolate chip ink, and then my souffle pen to add some detail to the tree. I also really love my Souffle pen.

Anyhoo, four friends and their kidlets came over. We had so much fun. Why haven't I been doing this all along whenever Grant leaves? Serena and her girls stayed for supper, and her girls wore Avery out playing with her. It was a really good day. Catherine made a bunch more cards for the Soldiers in Afghanistan, and some really cute ones too. She is ambitious, that gal..... Tara also managed to come. I was happy that she did. I was especially happy that she arrived with a slurpee for me. That girl knows the way to my heart. Yep. I am that easy to please. A large coke slurpee, and we are friends for life. Pathetic? probably.

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Kitchen Utensil said...

ok 2 things:
the picture you took of your card is amazing! not the card itself but the photo of it...jk!
and no mention of Arren??? She did contribute a card......
just saying!