Sunday, September 26, 2010

annual fall photo shoot

Every year I take the kids outside in the back yard to take some fall photos. Today was the perfect day for it. We have had nothing but crap weather lately making it impossible to take decent pictures, but today was 20 degrees and gorgeous.I am sure my kids are nothing if not tired of being the subjects of my photo shoots, but I would really like to get a picture of the two of them smiling, and looking at the camera at the same time... Is that too much to ask? Probably.

I did take close to 100 shots of them today... and did get some decent ones, but nothing I think is too amazing. However, I also am convinced I have worn the two of them out, so, maybe when the snow flies, I will get some good winter ones.

1 comment:

kaly said...

I love the photo which you used for your header of the two of them with leaves over their eyes. That one is great!