Monday, September 20, 2010

Layout #50 - so close to the goal!

This Daddy Day Care page took me at least five minutes to do... Okay, maybe ten. But no more than 15. Seriously. I love love love the Bisous PDQ paper. It is so easy to whip something up that looks finished.
I was also able to go back to some old PDQ chipboard that I had that I didn't have a plan for because I had used up all the paper... and guess what? I was able to use up some old shit! And seven old buttons, thickers and other alphabet letters. Wahoo!
My goal for 2010 was 75 layouts, and I am 25 away. I know I will meet my goal because it is scrapbook season. I was actually supposed to scrap with my peeps today, but Cohen woke up sick and I knew the other moms wouldn't be too impressed if I showed up with my snotty nose kid.
I am not too distressed..... yet. But I do have a crop club scrap day at the beginning of October, as well as a weekend retreat at the end of October, and another scrap day at the church, crop club, and another retreat in November... and hopefully one more day away in December.... so... If I don't make the goal then I pissed away these last three months of the year!

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