Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Randoms .... Funny things my kids said this past weekend

We went to Drumheller for a last camping hurrah this weekend with our good friends Mark and Tami and their two boys. We had a blast and I personally think we should make it a yearly event. While there, our kids came up with some pretty good funnies..... you might not think so, but in the context of the day, some were beyond hilarious!
1. When asked where one should look to identify a type of fossil they discovered, Avery said very matter of factly, "On the paleontologists computer!"

2. After about 20 minutes of digging in the dirt looking for fossils, Cohen yelled, "Oh don't tell me! There is a dinosaur bone in here!" He then repeated it every time he came across a fossil... about 15 more times.

3. We went to see the Hoo Doos... Avery asked, "What do you do to a Hoo Doo?" We giggle for a long time.....
4. When we got back from the Hoo Doos, Tami asked what we did, and Avery said, "We stayed on the clearly marked path."

5. When we were at Reptile World, Avery saw a salamander in one of the cages and yelled, "That is just like the one in our yard!" Not funny.... not at all.... More gross and horrifying if anything.

6. After jumping in the mud puddles and soaking his pants, shirt, socks and filling his rubber boots with water, Cohen walked (or rather squished) up to me and told me his boots were too small.... I dumped out at least a cup of water from each boot.

7. On top of the rather large badland hill behind our campsite, someone had arranged some rocks into an Inukshuk. From the ground it looked like a bear. Some kids went to the top of the hill and messed around with it, and when they got back down, Avery and John were unimpressed. John told them they shouldn't have touched the bear, and Avery reminded them that bears are dangerous. (apparently even ones made of rock!)

8. I asked Cohen what his favorite part of the weekend was and he said his favorite was "When we got to do the Hoo Doos."

Okay... so not ten.... but enough to keep me laughing days later. And perfect for journaling this trip!

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