Sunday, September 27, 2009

10 Random little things that make me happy

It really is the little things isn't it? The things that don't affect our day to day on a major basis, but when we see, or touch, or eat them.... things just get better. These are ten of those little things that I love.....

1. I really love uneven pages in novels. I have no idea why. I just love that the book is presented in a different way. They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but I think you can judge a book by the kind of pages it is printed on...... JK2. I love antibiotics. I am not a druggy or anything.... but when you wake up with a kidney infection, and are expected to sub, drugs are a good thing.
3. Google. Seriously.....remember when the world wasn't at our fingertips????? Google has settled several arguments and discussions around this place. Let me tell you.4. Clean sheets. Why oh why do they feel so good?5. Sunflowers. They aren't my favorite flower. But can you look at a bunch of sunflowers and NOT smile? I doubt it. (unless you have a cold dead heart... then maybe you can ;)6. Watching my kids hug each other. They do it every night before bed. It is so cute. I love it.7. Vacuum cleaner lines in my carpet. You would think if I loved these so much, I would do it more.... but not so much. I feel that you can get too much of a good thing......8. Texting. I am not good at it. I can't text at mach speed. But I love that I can send a quick message off, get one back, and then can leave it at that......
9. Double sided paper. I get a little high whenever I turn a piece of patterned paper over, and see that there is a surprise on the other side for me! It is like I am putting one over on the paper company. Stupid, considering they put the double sided paper out... but I still think I am getting a great deal!
10. Unexpected money. I won the photo contest! School picture orders were much better than I thought, I had five kits go up..... this all adds up to a new lens for Kimmy.... yay!!!!

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