Sunday, September 6, 2009

10 Randoms.... stuff I will be watching (pvr-ing) this fall

Carol just posted the shows that she is excited about for this fall, and I thought that would be a great random list for me.... so these are some of the shows that I am excited about for the fall season. (I will likely drop a bunch after a couple of weeks, but I want to give them all a chance).

1. The Amazing Race - I love this show. I want to be on this show. I would never survive this show.

2. The Office - I was worried when Haley said the show wasn't returning. Praise the Lord! It will be back!
3. Brother and Sisters - This is one of my favorite all time shows. Love it.
4. Grey's Anatomy - Yet another show that I love love love.... I can't wait. Except that I will really miss George.......
5. Desperate Housewives - I love Sundays! I love the whole night. Such a good TV night.
6. Parks and Recreation - This was such a good show. I loved it. I laughed and laughed. And almost peed a little.
And the new shows that I am looking forward to are:
7. Modern Family - This looks hilarious.
8. Glee - loved the pilot. I think I know some of those kids from my high school! ;)
9. Community - I think I want to watch this just because I went to LCC for a semester. I think it will bring back horrible memories. And I have heard that Chevy Chase is funny.......

10. Cougar Town - mostly because I am getting to the cougar age, and I also love Courtney Cox. A no brainer.

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