Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 Random thoughts that are seriously on my mind at the moment....

My brain never stops. I wish it did. If it did, maybe I could sleep more, or better for that matter. Maybe I could focus on one task at a time. Case in point: it isn't abnormal for me to get up in the middle of supper so I can start cleaning up. I will tidy a few things, and then finish my meal. So, here are 10 of the million things on my mind at the moment...
1. My scrapbook room is freaking clean! (It should be... I just spent four hours cleaning and reorganizing it...)

2. I am so happy Grant finished harvest yesterday.... as the rain is now pouring from the skies.

3. I wonder how much longer Grant and the kids will be at his mom's. I want to get the living room and our bedroom cleaned before they get back.

4. So get your ass off the computer and go and clean those rooms.

5. I am not ready for Grant to go back to work, but our bank account is.

6. I have a really cool idea in mind for a harvest kit for Monday Night Class.... I just need to get to town.

7. Maybe now that I am not aching, freezing, and hacking constantly anymore, I actually can leave the house and go to town.

8. I always used to snicker at the people who would drop off film, and then say they didn't need it for a week, because they wouldn't be back to town until then..... now I am one of them.

9. I should really get that baby gift for Sloane wrapped.... by tomorrow. Seriously. Wrap it.

10. I am going to go put my Viva La Vida back on and dust and vacuum and clean this damn house.......


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Carol T said...

We are very similar people...

I, too, am vacuuming and dusting and cleaning and organizing today. Rainy Sundays are perfect for this.