Sunday, December 13, 2009

I miscounted.

I went back and counted my layouts. I didn't number quite a few of them, and so, my count was off...... I already broke it to Haley, but I am actually at 142 completed layouts. (Not including MNC kits, and mini albums!) And now, with these two, I am at 144! I have six more layouts to complete to be at my goal! I actually think I might be able to do it. And if I can't, I don't care. Look how much I got done this year! No wonder I am pretty caught up. I should set a goal for 75 next year, and then maybe I won't have to volunteer to do other people's albums like I did this year!
So, once I figure out how to deal with my newly broken Clip it Up!, I will clear off an area in my scrapbook room, and get to work.
And, I have 36 Ikea spice jars with nothing in them anymore. I need suggestions as to what I should use them for. I took out all my flowers and buttons, and want something else to go in them. Something that I don't use enough of, but will use more of if I have it nice and handy. Suggestions? (Tara already suggested Epicure.......)


Kitchen Utensil said...

my real answer was "I don't care", however you took offense to that so then I thought of the next thing to come to mind...and since I am still waiting for my Epicure order...
end of story.

Kacey said...

Qtips and "plackers" those dental floss sticks? Thats what i put in my empty ones!!! But thats what happens when you clean under your bathroom sink...5 bags of plackers (BTW i never bought 1 of them gotta love a thoughtful MIL) and 3 boxes of qtips!!! Just sayin'