Sunday, December 6, 2009

Proof that winter is really here......

Today is day three of this winter blizzard. The snow appears to have stopped, but now the cold has been blown in. It was chilly before, but now...... it is downright FREEZING. At least I can kind of see my neighbors now. Yesterday I couldn't see across my driveway, but today, I can see almost a half a kilometer away! Progress! Oops, I lied. I just looked out my window again.... and I can't see past my yard. Was this really in the forecast? Where was I?
So here are a couple of photos of what my yard looks like today. A lot of the drifts have actually blown away! They are a lot smaller this morning than they were yesterday afternoon...... Nothing that 36 hours of wind can't help out with!

This is my back door. Can't get out of it. I don't ever remember having this much snow in my entry area for the house. It is up to the steps! I have a little bit of shoveling ahead of me! At least I like to shovel..... but who knows? After this, I might not anymore!

A friend offered to come and plow our yard for me today. Grant is obviously gone, and if there was an emergency, I doubt we could get out of the yard, so I am truly grateful for that. Now, I just need it to clear up a little so I can leave the house and finish Christmas shopping!

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