Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Probably as good as I am going to get.....

I love taking pictures. I really do. However, I also love being in pictures. I like to be able to look back through pictures of my past, and remember what I was thinking, feeling, loving, enjoying, doing back then. Since having kids, I have taken a million pictures. Since having kids, I am in maybe a dozen of those pictures. I want pictures of the kids and I because I don't have a lot of my mom and me when I was growing up.

So, that said, I took this today. We were all decked out in our St. Patrick's Day attire, and were looking quite festive... if I do say so myself. So I set up an impromptu photo shoot on the dining room floor. Gotta love self timer.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Shannon said...

Awe, you guys all look so cute in green. I'm a bad Mom, I didn't do a thing for Hailey's first St Patty's - I didn't even dress her in green ... I truely do suck.