Monday, March 21, 2011

Layout #9 2011

This is the last of the layouts that I did a couple of weekends ago. Simple, quick, and done. I have a dinosaur fanatic on my hands, and so I am always on the hunt for dinosaur stuff. Imagine my complete and utter joy when I found the embellishments for the paper that I had for months! The paper and majority of the emebellishments are from Imaginesce. And the triceratops is a canvassy, denim type of thing.... so cool. I also managed to use up some old stuff too. The transparency, brads, journaling tag, ticket, and stickers are no longer a part of my stash!!! Love it. What concerns me is that I have been very diligent about using up my stuff, and I don't seem to be making a real dent in it. Don't tell my husband but I think that means that I really do have way too much stuff. Especially when you consider all that I have given away.

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