Thursday, March 31, 2011

well that day sucked.

yesterday was a crappy day. super crappy. we had dentist appointments in the city at 11 and i wanted to be on the road by 9:30 so i could pop in too see my nephew before i had my teeth scraped to the point of bleeding gums. needless to say, in the chaos that is my mornings, the kids were arguing with each other and avery had the brilliant idea to lock the door on her brother. no big deal if you have keys that work in the lock. we don't. we have keys for a different knob, but none for the locked one. i live in a house that is OLD and the windows are all locked and then covered with nailed shut storm windows. i also have hook locks on the doors that we don't use to keep them fitted in the door frames because of the house shifting with age. so... next to impossible to get in without breaking a window. (did i mention the locksmith is in hong kong?). so i broke a window, and got into the playroom. you won't believe it. the playroom door into the house was locked. it is NEVER locked. i was a little stressed because i didn't grab my coat yet, i didn't have on socks, and the tv and satellite were still on. so... i went to calgary with no socks, and tears streaming down my daughter's face. (she was convinced we would die without a house..... poor monkey).
at this point i was running quite late, and didn't want to be late for the dentist and have to pay the dreaded late or no show fee or have our appointments cancelled, so i left. my gas gauge lead me to believe i had enough gas to get to the city, and still have plenty to get to a gas station after the dentist. do you see where this is going?
yep. i ran out of gas. on 22x. and i didn't even have enough gas to pull off the road entirely, so the kids were freaking out that we were going to get hammered by a semi. i called my sister's house and fortunately my other sister and parents were there visiting, and so, my dad came to rescue me. he did get a mini lecture in, which is just what i needed at that moment.
argh. so i made myself feel better with a little retail therapy and bought myself a jacket from lulu lemon and several books from indigo. didn't make the morning any better, but i have had several compliments on the jacket today...... :)

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Wow! Talk about a crappy day! I think I would of given up long before you did and found some where to have a drink! Hope today is going better for you :)