Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Random reasons why I likely won't get any scrapbooking done this week... :(

1. I sub today, Avery has preschool, Grant is home tonight, and I am supposed to go to my Stampers 10 group....but I think I will have to skip that.
2. I sub tomorrow, & Avery has dance.
3. I sub on Wednesday, and it is Avery's special day at preschool.
4. I have a hair appointment on Thursday morning, and I curl that night.
5. Friday is Tara's epicure party at her house.... and I am the epicure girl.
6. We have to take the kids to my parent's house on Saturday, and I also have a portrait sitting booked that day in Rimbey.
7. We leave for Vegas on Sunday.
8. I have to get two sittings worth of photos to edit, and then deliver.
9. I have to get my scrapbook room organized so I can be packed and ready to go to the Bloomin' Inn on the Friday we get home from Vegas.
10. I still have a ton of laundry to finish, and then need to pack for the kids and ourselves.
11. I have epicure and discovery toys orders that need to be placed.
12. I have to get to the bank and buy some American money.
13. The house needs a major huge tidy fest.....

And there are a million more little things I have to do.....
So, really I should get my tushy off the computer and get cracking on the other stuff.

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Haley Marie Ross said...

13 is not 10. I'm just sayin'