Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Randoms.... Things that I am looking forward to in November

I can't believe that it is already November. I swear it was just the other day that Avery was telling me it was going to be October on her next preschool day. And now... it is November. So, this is a crazy month around the Cummins' place. There are a million things happening and the majority are things I am pumped about...

1. The Weekend To Unwind - My mom is coming here for a few days so I can spend a couple days at Sheep River Scrapbook Co., to learn things from My Mind's Eye endorsed educator Trisha Ladouceur. Hell's yeah! Can't wait.

2. My mom is coming here..... even a teensy tinsy break is in my future on those days. I might even sleep in!

3. Curling on Thursdays. I am so glad the curling season is underway. I am not as glad that we may or may not have a real team..... I am hoping that we can figure things out so we aren't curling with spares every single week... but for the moment, that is what it looks like.

4. Turkey Supper - tonight, at the United Church in Vulcan. (That is, unless Catpoo starts to feel like, well.... poo.)

5. A cut and color. It isn't bad yet. But it also isn't good. One side of my hair is quite short... or is supposed to be, but it is growing over my ears, and it getting quite mullety on one side. So.... I need to get that done.

6. The 16th.... That is the day that Grant comes home from work, I have SU!, and Catherine is taking Cohen for the afternoon so I can sub.....

7. Scrapbooking in Pincher Creek at the end of November. Ahhhh.... you would think I hadn't just gone away for a weekend. Yahoo!!!

8. The kids' Christmas gifts have shipped. And the best part.... We didn't have to pay for them! Good old airmiles came in handy again this year! Last year I used them for Grant's gift, and this year, we got something each kid wanted with them. Double yahoo!

9. Las Vegas Baby!!!! We leave for four nights on the 22nd. I can not wait. I am so excited. We got a great seat sale, have reservations at the Mirage hotel, and it is just the two of us. I can't wait for some quality time with my hubby. We both really need it.

10. Some retail therapy. I have some gift cards, and coupons left from my birthday, and I really really really want to spend some money.......

So.... there you have it!

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