Friday, November 13, 2009

So, when we went scrapbooking in Blairmore a couple of weeks ago, everyone around me was packing up. I started to panic because I hadn't even thought about that yet, but I was constantly reassured, "Don't worry... you have an hour." or "I'm just packing up because I didn't want to start something new." or "Your stuff has to go in last anyhow, so don't panic."
So I didn't panic. But then, I started to see that I was the only one still scrapbooking. And I started to panic. You see, I wanted to actually accomplish something on Sunday. I spent a huge chunk of the morning on a layout that I ended up hating, and really has nothing going on on it, so, I thought, "Hey! Why not pump out a little mini album!" Seems easy enough, but time kept ticking, and I clearly wasn't working quickly enough, so needless to say, I had packed up everything except my basic tool kit, and some ribbon, and on our way home I was still scrapbooking........ diehard, you say???
Anyhoo, I finally got some pictures from Halloween printed to put on this puppy, and I really love how it all came together!
It is made with the MME Boo To You! line, and some random ribbons, and the name badge holders that you have to wear around your neck at conferences and such.
Cool huh?

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Haley Marie Ross said...

It looks so good with pictures in it! I love it. Worth the pressure?