Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Already??!!??

We started to set up for Christmas last night. When I was growing up, we didn't set up our tree until about a week before Christmas, but since marrying Grant, and buying an artificial tree, it seems that we set up for the holidays earlier and earlier every year. This year is no exception. It is the 19th of November and we have our tree up. However, this year's holiday decorating is all because of circumstance. Last night was the only night that we would all be home together before Grant goes back to work at the beginning of December. I curl tonight, have an epicure party at Tara's tomorrow and Saturday we head to Rimbey to drop off the kids. Sunday we leave for Vegas, and won't be home until Thursday, and then I am going scrapbooking for the weekend once we do get home. So, last night it was. That said, we aren't fully set up, and Avery is driving me insane by her constant badgering to put stuff on the tree (the decorations that I never put up, because they don't match my theme.... .yep, I am that mom), and wanting to decorate the house, even though we still have autumn decor still up.......That said, I did spend some time taking pictures last night, and I got this one of the kids! I love it, Grant thinks it is weird, but I think it actually showcases the love that my kids have for each other, and every once in a while will show to each other.......

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