Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 Randoms.....things from the weekend.

So, the Weekend to Unwind has come and gone, and let me tell you. I didn't unwind. Nope. I think I might have even got a little wound up! I did stuff this weekend I have never done before, and learned a few things as well... so here goes.

1. 14 hours of hardcore, no talking, no real breaks for Nibs, get your hands dirty scrapbooking is a lot harder than it sounds. I am WORN out. But so happy about it.

2. Unfortunately, there are women in this hobby who take things way too seriously. I will share the punch with you. I promise. You don't have to a) hover over my shoulder to make sure I don't give it to someone else, or b) sigh heavily because I ask to borrow the punch you are not using, or c) get snooty when you ask for the punch that I have, and previously asked if anyone else needed it, or was everyone finished. Seriously ladies. It is a punch, and paper, and is supposed to be fun.

3. Bobby pins are harder to come by than I originally thought. And as a result, sometimes people confuse you for Pocahontas.

4. I can get a lot of Christmas shopping done in 20 minutes when I don't have my kids.

5. Even though I didn't have my "peeps" there with me this weekend, I had a really good time. (Most of the time.... when I wasn't wishing some people weren't so far behind.....)

6. It is okay to step out of your box. I learned a lot of new stuff.... and now I can use all of the product I bought a long time ago, and didn't know how to use. (Yep, I am that girl>)

7. I learned that after 13 hours of scrapping, and nearing exhaustion, I can still scream with major excitement when I think my name is called for a prize, and then come to my senses and realize it wasn't actually my name that was called.

8. Some people are wicked good at the things they do. Some look good, others make yummy cupcakes, others are cute and funny, some are crazy talented, and a few throw a wicked ass party.

9. I have a great mom. She understands my situation, and knows that a break is sometimes all it takes to rejuvinate me. She gives me that break.

10. I am impatient. Oh wait. I already knew that.


Shannon said...

I'm glad you had a great time. We did miss you this weekend though. You have really got to love Moms. I've been in your situation alot lately with Ian gone (He was home about 7 days in October) and it i amazing how just a few hours without child can change your mindset and get you going again. I am heading to Sask on Wednesday for a week with my Mom hopefully when I get back Ian is home again until at least Jan well we might have a day here or there but no long stints until Jan again.

Kacey said...

Had fun sitting beside you in class your didn't look like pocahontas!!!

Susan said...

It was great to meet you this weekend! I think I know the ladies you are referring to and seriously ladies it's scrapbooking not the forth grade! I didn't get a chance to get your hairdresser's # could you email it to me? Love your sparkles!

Trisha Ladouceur said...

I had a fabulous time this weekend:) Thanks for your enthusiasm and remember... I am totally waiting for that email;)

And for the record... I was not standing over your shoulder... heheheheh!

Glad you learned a tonne... that is what it is all about and hopefully you do not suffer too badly with that scrap hangover:)

Carol T said...

Whatever. I'm waiting to see your deerskin moccasins and to hear you sing "Colours of the Wind."

Martha said...

Pocahontas eh? Not sure I saw her, but you were awful cute nonetheless.

But I want the punch now! Big punch conspiracy going on there for sure. There was almost a rumble!

Great weekend.

Haley Marie Ross said...

Hey there Mohican lady! I am almost peeing reading this....