Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Random Most Likely Tos...... with my friends today.

So I have come to the realization that some people are stuck in high school. Even at our age. Which is older than high school. I don't think that being friends (and clearly, I am talking about good friends) should have conditions, or rules, or expectations attached to that friendship. I don't think that at my age, I should have to work at being friends with someone. I know what I like in a friend, and it has taken me a long time to get to this point.

For example. I am NOT friends with everyone I was "friends" with in high school on facebook. I am also friends with people on facebook that I wasn't friends with in high school. Now.. don't get me wrong. I am not saying that facebook is and should be the determining factor in what constitutes a friend, because clearly, that would make no sense. But I have also found that facebook is an interesting social experiment on observing who people are willing to keep as their friends, or others are collectors and keep everyone they have ever met. So, here is the deal. I have recently been unfriended by a couple of people on facebook. Do I care? Not really... I honestly didn't chat with them, send them messages, or look at their profile for that matter. But I do think it is funny when someone unfriends you, and then you run into each other... It is so awkward for that person. This has happened to me, and to another one of my friends (and I am referring to a real friend here...;), recently. I live in a small, small community. Like 400 people small. One of the people who unfriended me also lives in this community. We are VERY likely to run into each other... and guess what? We have. And she was all.... So.. uh... how are things?? And I was sickly sweet to her. My friend lives in a larger community and she recently ran into a person who unfriended her. Same thing. Funny. Especially because this unfriender used really weird reasons to unfriend us, and kept other people we know who go against everything she purports to stand for.... I love it!

So..... yesterday I was spending time with a group of girls who make me laugh, who don't put conditions on our friendship (except we have to arrive before 9am in the future...), and who think the same way I do. We were talking and all agreed that at this point in our lives, we don't need the extra stress of having to work at being friends. It should really just come naturally. We also decided that if we actually were back in high school like some of the people that are creating drama... we would have new "Most likely to... lists" so... here goes.
(This list is made from people that are close friends, or acquaintances.... just like the lists in high school. It is not meant to hurt feelings, so, please... if you are mad, step back, take a breath, and then let me have it....)

Most likely to succeed........ Me. You can't tell me being a SAHM, living in the middle of nowhere with a husband who works away half the year isn't success.... clearly it is.
Most Athletic........ Me - I do curl after all. And I watch hockey.
Most Popular...... Me. I have 13 followers on my blog
Biggest Flirt..... Me. But honestly. This would be me. Even today.
Most Talkative...... Me. Again. Honestly.
Best Hair....... Me. Clearly.
Nicest Eyes...... Me. More like nicest eyelashes... but that wasn't an option.
Most Creative..... Me. Have you seen my layouts???? Or Haley.... Nope. Me.
Most School Spirit.... Haley. She could be a cheerleader. A knocked up cheerleader.
Most likely to marry for money.... I wish I had......damn you love.
Most likely to take over the world...... Kacey. If not while I am alive... she will get me when I die.
Most likely to live in their parent's basement..... Me. I would love to go back home. But I don't necessarily want my parent's to live there.....
Best Looking....... This may shock a few of you... but.... Me.
Fastest Fingers........... Kacey. She texts and drives and cuts hair all at once. Can't beat that.
Most likely to invent something totally useless...... Tara. And it will be something to keep her house cleaner... but not keep my house clean because the house has to be clean to start with.


Memory Roth said...

Kim, you always make me laugh or at the very least smile, I love the way you think

Shannon said...

Yup, you are hiliarious! I hope I fall into the cool friend bracket. I'd love to hang with you more ..... perhaps some day soon!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I enjoyed your list, I know over 90% of the people on it as well! ;)

Martha said...

Oh the friend drama. It just never ceases to amaze me. Whether you are involved with it or not, it someone sucks you in by association. I think I'm going to set up my scrap room and only come out for supplies.

Your list was funny..I agree Kacey will take over the world.